About the AGGOS Advisory Board


The AGGOS Advisory Board is a collection of Ministers, Missionaries, Preachers, Elders, Ministry Leaders, Speakers, and Business Leaders within the Global Churches of Christ that advise the AGGOS team on matters relating to the global church, ministry, missions, social media, media, preaching, and opportunities across the globe. 


The AGGOS Advisory Board members come from all walks of life and serve across the globe. AGGOS Advisory Board members currently come from California, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, and New York.


AGGOS Advisory Board


The Advisory Board is an invitation-only board filled with individuals who meet differing and strategic criteria. They are - 

  • Ministry Leaders

  • Global presence

  • Strategic Partners

  • Technology

  • Innovators

  • Creators​

New AGGOS Advisory Board members are currently being interviewed. 


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